What to Expect at IBC
What should I expect when I visit IBC?
Independent Baptist Church has a friendly atmosphere, much like a family. We extend a warm greeting to every person who visits to make them feel welcome. Above all, we want our guests to feel relaxed when they come in. Come and see us. We hope you find us to be a loving, caring people. We would love to have you visit!
What are your services like?
We are an independent, fundamental Baptist church. Our services include energetic Godly music, and practical King James Bible preaching and teaching. We have great times of fellowship before and after the services.
Do you have programs for kids?
We at IBC love kids! We have children's programs running throughout the year designed just for them. It is our goal for them to learn about God's love, from His Word, for them every week in a refreshing, practical way. 

We offer nursery care for babies/toddlers from newborn to 3 years old. We also have children's church during the morning service for ages 4-8, as well as Sunday School classes for all individual age levels. Join us for King's Kids on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 for elementary age.

In addition, children are always welcome in the church service!
What do you have for teens?
We have a Youth Ministry that is available for ages 13 and up. Teens at IBC will find activities and lasting relationships with other teens, and learn truths from God's Word that will help them on their life journeys. We know that teens are the leaders of tomorrow and we love having the opportunity to be a Godly influence in their lives. IBC looks forward to having your teen as a part of our church!
How should I dress for services?
As a visitor to our church, we are more concerned that you find a place where your spiritual needs can be met through a relationship with Jesus Christ. But we do understand the desire to feel comfortable when visiting a new church. When you visit, you will find that our regular church members dress in a modest way and typically you will see them in their "Sunday best."
Will I be asked to give money?
At our church services, members of our church family are given the opportunity to support our church through the giving of tithes and offerings. As a guest to IBC we want the service to be a blessing to you. There is no obligation to give as we take our offerings. However, we do know that some want to give to help God's work through the local church and we are thankful to anyone who contributes to God's work here at IBC.
How long do services last?
Sunday is the Lord's Day so we spend time hearing the Word of God. This hearing helps our faith as we live each day. We don't rush through the various services, but seek to spend quality time with God and each other. We strive to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in each service. Normally, our services last for about an hour and 15 minutes, but when fully engaged in the service, the time goes by quickly.